There are numerous places to visit in Bir Billing, which will give you the much- needed relief from the city heat and pollution. Bir is popularly referred to as the Paragliding Capital of India, which is also highly popular as an ecotourism center. Billing is the site from which paragliding takes place and Bir is the site for landing; together it is known, Bir Billing. It is a place that serves as home for many Tibetian refugees. It is full of monasteries and Buddhist stupas, which enhances the serenity of the place. Many Buddhists and Tibetan monks reside in these monasteries and have offered their lives to daily prayers and meditation. They believe offering prayers to the Al-Mighty is the only way to attain salvation.

As the sweltering heat is creating a havoc in most places these days, everyone wants a relief from the scorching sun. What can be a better place to beat the heat other than a beautiful hill station like Bir Billing. Bir Billing is far away from the bustling crowd of the city. A silent valley adorned by the beauteous extravagance of Mother Nature. A place filled with lush greenery and fresh air. This is a small village located in the west of Joginder Nagar Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India.

There are a lot of places to visit and a number of things to do at Bir Billing, which makes it a popular yet less crowded hill station. A walk around the place will not only give your eyes a soothing treat but there are also a number of fun & adventurous tour activities that you can undertake here to quench the thirst of your adventure seeking spirits. Read this article well to get a comprehensive idea and guide to Bir Billing.

There are a number of fun activities which you can undertake and a number of things to do in Bir Billing which will make you stay there worthwhile. Besides being a visual retreat and a paradise for the mind, the place also offers you with an opportunity to take part in a lot of sports and fun activities.

Top things to do and places to visit in Bir Billing:

Deer Park Institute
Chokling Monastery

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